Tea and groceries

I went out to dinner last night with a Ben and some friends from out of town.  We went to the delightful Tibetan place in Central Square, and I ordered the butter tea, because I’ve always been curious about it.  It’s black tea with butter, milk, and salt.  It tastes like drinking buttered toast!  It was a rather large mug of it, so it was a bit too much for me combined with a large meal, but I’m definitely making it again on wintry mornings.

We then went to the co-op to stock up on some bulk stuff.  They were out of wheat berries, two kinds of bulk pasta, and several kinds of bulk flours.  There is usually a huge stack of big bags of barley flour next to the bulk aisle, and yesterday there were only two or three left.  The rice, interestingly, was very well-stocked.  I had wanted wheat berries to try out the grain mill that should be arriving any day now, so I got kamut instead.  There were plenty of weird hippie grains left :-)  I’ll be ordering some big bags of wheat from Wood Prairie Farm once I’m convinced that the grain mill will grind flour sufficiently easily.


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    tirerim said,

    I tried butter tea from the Tibetan place in Davis a few weeks ago, and I agree it’s delicious. Have to figure out the proper proportions for making it at home, and the best way to add the butter.

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