Ben and I spent Patriot’s Day digging and planting a garden in the front yard.  We are going to have approximately seven grillion green beans, eight grillion sugar snap peas, and nine grillion edamame (fresh soybeans).  Yum.  I also planted potatoes, salsify, plenty of nasturtiums, cucumbers, pattypan squash, and transplanted beets, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli raab, perpetual spinach, fennel, Asian greens, kale, forget-me-nots, and whatever those pointy-leafed things are.  I gave up on many things, but this should be a good garden.  Everything hurts now.  I hurt places that I didn’t know I had muscles.  But it’s a good sort of hurt.  The garden really looks like a *garden* now, not a lawn with some sad dandelions in it.  The garlic is doing well, and the tulips that have always been there are just about blooming.  We transplanted what we suspect are the lilies-of-the-valley to be in between the tulips, so that all the nonedible bulbs are together.  I’m sort of tempting fate by planting the hot-weather things so early, but I kind of wanted to get it all over with, and the way the weather is looking, we’re going to have to have a seriously late cold snap for it to endanger the tomatolings.

In other news, I’ve finished and presented my final paper for reference, and just have to put the finishing touches on my reading journal for YA lit and I will be *done*.  I feel so weird trying to get up any enthusiasm for discussing the Gossip Girl books in class tonight when civilization appears to be collapsing.  At least we’re also discussing “How I Live Now”, which was perhaps not a good book to read along with news of food riots.  It’s set in England in the near future, during a war in which it has been occupied by some unnamed enemy. (Presumably someone in charge knows who they are, but the teenage narrator doesn’t, and I like the way it just gets out of having to make any actual country or group The Enemy.)  It is very, very well-done.

In other other news, matzo is really boring.  Can I send it to Haiti instead?  Someone brought homemade chocolate chip cookies to reference last night and I didn’t eat any and now I feel all conflicted.

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