Weekendly update — 4/13

Keeping the lights off went quite well again.  I made a tofu miso soup with some of our Asian greens that have been growing on the windowsill and foraged wild onions, with a dandelion-apple salad (dandelions right from the front yard!).  I made another iteration of that olive oil-rosemary bread, with completely different results.  This time, I didn’t use enough salt, and I used part whole wheat flour because I ran out of white.  Much as I like whole wheat bread, I think this wants the softness of white flour.  The previous try was obviously partly so dense because I didn’t slash the top.  This time I did and it…exploded.  I put it in the oven and it came out twice as big and very very fluffy.  Right then.  More data for next time.

I got more nervous about the lights being out this time, but I think this is a good place for me to work at that.  We’ve gone to such effort to create this wonderful safe cozy space, and I can invite the shadows into that space.  Maybe they’ll make me less spoked then.

I cleaned most of the refrigerator today.  I also cleaned under the refrigerator.  There was unspeakable filth under the refrigerator.  The coils in back appear to be completely enclosed; I was planning to dust them off while I was at it.  Now the inside and outside of the fridge is clean except for the pile of unknown sticky substance at the bottom. I scraped most of it up with a spoon, and I’m letting the residue soak for a while longer.  I discovered all sorts of random odds and ends that I hadn’t known were there.  Cleaning things is satisfying.  It is especially satisfying when used as a procrastination tool for not doing homework.

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