Soup and Noodles and an Omelet

Well, given my shiny little stats meter, people apparently are more interested in potatoes than religion.  Well then.  I obviously must invent some sort of potato-based deity and make everyone happy. ;-)  (Though it doesn’t measure syndicated views; just independent ones.  You have to look at the individual posts to see syndicated feed views.  Boo.)

I’ve gotten back into the swing of making tasty food, after a week or so of boringness.  On Sunday, I made a lovely chili with local beans, nonlocal onions, CSA dried tomatoes, bulk olive oil, and spices.  I simmered it until the beans were cooked, then poured almost-entirely-local cornbread batter over it and let it cook until the cornbread was done.  I always forget how much cornbread you end up with when you do that.  Unless you calculate it just right, the batter just soaks up the chili broth as it cooks, and you end up with this enormous cornbread on top of what seems like about three beans.  It was still very tasty.

Monday lunch was an omelet with local eggs, local butter, and foraged wild onions (and salt, which wasn’t local).  It was delicious.  I need to remember how easy omelets are.

And then last night, I made an enormous skillet full of breadcrumb noodles.  The container full of breadcrumbs mysteriously vanished, but there were still two dried heels of bread (homemade, from mostly local ingredients).  I chopped them into bits and then put them in the food processor and blended them until they became crumbs.  I then sauteed them in lots of butter and a bit of salt and pepper, then added a large bundle of (nonlocal) parsley and homemade spaghetti (half white, half local whole wheat flour, local eggs).  This was all sauteed until it became well-coated in breadcrumbs and delicious.  The original recipe called for substantially more butter, but it’s really only necessary if you’re feeling decadent.

When I went to the store, I also found some lovely organic leeks and swiss chard.  From California, unfortunately, but I really don’t feel like living off of apples, wild onions, and dandelion greens as my only veggies until late May.  (Though come to think of it, that sounds like a really tasty salad…)


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