Identity-Defining Expedition, plus challenge updates

On Monday I took the day off and journeyed to the far distant land of Newton Center to determine that the Intro to Judaism course was an appropriate thing to be taking in the Fall, and got a bonus opportunity to geek out about dead Near Eastern languages.  (I could take Hittite at Brandeis!  For free!  And it’s just one afternoon a week, so I’d barely have to rearrange my work schedule!)  I now have a syllabus and list of required reading, and it looks like it’s going to be fun and fascinating and probably full of interesting fellow classmates. (One of whom lives in Waltham?  Please?  So that I can carpool and not have to travel to Newton by bus via Cambridge?)And then on the way back, via Central Square in Cambridge, I stopped at the hardware store and acquired garden implements.  I now have a large sturdy shovel, a large sturdy garden fork, a soil nutrients test kit, and a box of plant label stick things.  You get some odd looks riding the bus home carrying a four-foot-long metal garden fork ;-) In Challenge news, I have joined two new ones, namely that I will be spending my Friday evenings electricity-less (well, not using any intentionally.  I’m not going to be unplugging the fridge or anything.), and will not be buying anything except food and medicine (and possibly more potting soil if necessary) for the month of April.  And speaking of medicine, my insurance company decided that they would pay for the routine medical tests I got back in December after all, so I got surprise checks in the mail.  Oh look, my insurance company has bought me a grain mill :-)We now have at least 8 garlics!  Lots of the indoor sprouts are putting out their second set of leaves.  The fennel sprouts look so delicate and feathery.  I ILLed A Prayer for the Earth and read it to Ben this afternoon.  It is a wonderful, wonderful book.  I want an apron with many pockets!  There are many dandelions sprouting up in the yard…at some point I will uproot and eat them.  I’m tempted to harvest the blooming ones on campus and make dandelion fritters. 


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