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Ben has reminded me that I completely forgot to post about the most exciting gardening news of the weekend — the garlic came up!!  There are at least three little baby garlic plants poking up from under the leaf mulch…I think I planted nine of them, so we’ll see how many we get eventually.  There are also some dandelion plants, and many many wild onions around campus.  In the front yard near the house there are some ornamental bulbs popping up that have been there since we moved in.  I’m going to let them be. :-)


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    Melinda said,

    Congratulations! Amazing, isn’t it, that they come up through all that mulch? Every one of ours eventually popped up (I planted at least 30 of them). One was quite late, but now it looks good. Guess I’ll be researching how to transplant garlic, since we’ll be moving before harvest… sigh. Lots to research, lots to do!

    We have ornamental bulbs all over here – daffodils and a couple other types I’ve never seen before. I’m planning to take a few with me, as part of our world here coming to our new place (wherever that may be).

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