A Day of Transplanting

Today I transplanted all of the sprouts in egg cartons into larger plastic seed flats.  I think part of the reason they kept drying out so fast is that the egg cartons suck the water out since they’re absorbant.  The new egg company I’ve been buying from has plastic cartons — much better for seed-starting :-)  I’ve given up on quite a few seed types…I’ll restart some next week or something.  For now, I have transplanted broccoli raab, welsh onions, sorrel, perpetual spinach, swiss chard, and forget-me-nots.  I also have one fennel and one climbing nasturtium sprout growing nicely in the large styrofoam box thing, and countless beets and carrots sprouting in the first seed flat.  Carrots are supposed to be notoriously slow-germinating, but mine are sprouting like crazy!  I planted more broccoli raab (hey, I like broccoli, and it seems to provide that instant sprouty reward), a second go at peppermint, dinosaur kale, chinese cabbage, purple mustard greens, and tatsoi (also called “spoon mustard”).  Stuff gets planted outside in about a month!  No sign of the seed potatoes yet….. For lunch today we had tasty crepes, made on the new griddle!  I tried half-and-half white flour and cornmeal this time, which worked nicely, and was almost indistinguishable from all white flour except for the color.  Next time I’ll try whole wheat and cornmeal.  I think I tend to make my crepe batter too thick — I really watered it down this time and they turned out much better than the last time I tried.  The crepes were spread with more of that homemade crabapple-peach compote, plus leftover sweet red bean paste and poppyseed filling left over from making hamentaschen.  Poppyseed crepes are delicious!I did an inventory of our grain products and dry protein in the process of reorganizing the pantry.  We have about 8 pounds of whole wheat flour left, about 4 pounds of all-purpose flour, quite a lot of cornmeal, lots of oatmeal, and not a lot of rice left.  Plus small amounts of assorted other grains, lots of TVP, and at least 15 pounds of beans.  There will be a Grand Expedition to the co-op soon to acquire more rice, wheat berries to test the grain mill when we get it, and possibly more beans for storage.  

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