This is being somewhat of a bleeeagh week.  I’m back in classes after last week’s, and while both of them had great discussions this week, I feel burnt out.  I looked at the sprouts this morning and realized that I had neither watered them nor turned on their lights yesterday.  Several flats-full were lying face-down in the potting mix, looking very sad.  I watered the most dire-looking ones and then ran out of water and time.  I’ll water the rest at lunch.

<p>Except for having cookies from the reference exposition for dinner two nights in a row, I’m still managing plenty of local food, mostly in the form of sandwiches.  We’re finally starting to really run out of local veggies.  I don’t want to go back to bland supermarket vegetables from who-knows-where, but at the same time I’m sort of guiltily looking forward to it, just because I’ll be able to eat pretty much whatever vegetables I want.  It wouldn’t be healthy for me to live on bread and beans until June, and all the supermarket veggies are pretty much equally evil.  I’ll try to pick US or regionally-grown stuff where I can, but there isn’t much there.  I’ll see what I can do for organics, but the supermarket plastic-wraps all the organic stuff for contamination reasons, and I’m not sure I can afford the organic stuff at the co-op in Cambridge on a regular basis.  I’m not as dismayed as this probably sounds; I’m just tired.</p>


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