Update, 3/14

This week’s been going pretty well.  There were a couple of meals out due to poor planning, and one out intentionally, but the rest has been tasty local food.  I made some lovely fried potatoes with celery seed.  I need to remember that celery seed gives that nice celery flavor that many soups need…we don’t have any local celery stalks.

The sprouts are sprouting.  Some of them look healthier than others, but most seem to be doing well.  The broccoli raab looks like it might try to put out its first set of adult leaves soon.  For some reason, the side furthest from the window in each egg carton seems to be sprouting first.  I wonder if they’re cold?  The chard looks a bit sad, but the perpetual spinach is doing beautifully.  The sorrel also seems happy.  No mints yet.  On Sunday, I think I’ll go through the seed packets and check which ones are supposed to have sprouted by now.


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