Pots and spoons

Two very heavy boxes arrived for me today from Lehman’s! They contain a very large cast iron dutch oven, a cast iron griddle, three extremely nice wooden spoons, several cookbooks, and a spaetzle maker. The spoons are wonderful. They are beautiful, made of real, dense wood rather than the cheap pine our old wooden spoon was made of. These will not slowly disintegrate. I will pass these spoons on to my grandchildren. The dutch oven is a bit bigger than I’d pictured, but that’s just fine. It will be the perfect size to bake a nice round loaf of bread in, or to make a big pot of soup. Or so that I can pretend to have a cauldron and feel all witchy. ;-) The griddle is…a griddle. I had not previously been aware that this was different from a skillet, which is what I was expecting it to be. The pictures in the Lehman’s catalogue are very small. Griddles are very flat, whereas skillets have sloping or straight sides. I will order a skillet later. For now, I have a perfect tool for making crepes and such, so no harm done. I also have a duplicate lid for the dutch oven, which I’d been intending to fit the griddle, had it been a skillet. The lid is too big for the griddle, so when I order a skillet, I’ll have to make sure it’s the right size. The lid is a dire pot lid! It has spikes on the bottom! I will use it to fend off burglars :-)

It makes me happy to have real kitchen implements, instead of the plastic and teflon that most of our equipment is now. It’s somehow more real and solid and satisfying, and not just because the dutch oven weighs about 20 pounds. Real Food does not want to be cooked on teflon and stirred with plastic.

For dinner tonight, there will be spicy basil tofu (local tofu with frozen spicy basil cubes made from CSA basil, peppers, and garlic, plus local honey and some nonlocal seasonings), tomato soup (canned CSA tomatoes plus assorted local and nonlocal seasonings), and challah (nonlocal flour, local eggs and honey, nonlocal assorted other stuff). It is going to be a rather small challah, since I realized about five minutes ago that we’re almost out of yeast. I might try to bake it in the dutch oven…challah isn’t really supposed to have a crisp crust, though…


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