More seeds

I planted beets, carrots, and some sugar snap peas.  I’m going to do succession plantings of all three so that they don’t all come up at once and inundate me in produce.  The beets and carrots are mystery heirloom variety packs, so I should have a nice mix of harvest dates even if I planted them all at once. 

I am enjoying watching the plants sprout. They make me not panic about the future. How can the future be doomed? I have sprouts! And in a week or two an extremely heavy package will arrive for me from Lehman’s containing cast iron cookware, cookbooks, wooden spoons, and a spaetzle maker. The cookbooks were a bit of an indulgence; I should have gotten them used. But I like supporting Lehman’s. Cast iron cookware is great used if you can find it, but I’ve only ever found one tiny pan at the thrift store. I think wooden spoons tend to disintegrate before they end up in thrift stores…and these are really pretty artisan wooden spoons. Spaetzle makers are kind of like waffle irons in that they only do one thing, but they’re the only thing that does it. I’d contemplated a cast iron waffle iron, but decided against it this go-round.

I had $710.something deducted from my bank account for heating oil, but the tank is still only at 1/4. They were supposed to fill it on Friday. I will call and find out what’s up. When we filled it up last time, a tankful only cost about $500. Eep.


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  1. 1

    wasteweardaily said,

    I too bought a spaetzle maker from Lehmans. I did not have good luck using it. I only tried it once and should try again. If you have really good luck, please post about it.
    Cindy in FL

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    The Lehman’s spaetzle maker looks just like the one my family had growing up, so I have high hopes :-) It is something that requires a bit of practice, so I’ll be sure to post some tips if it works.

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