Dark Days Eat Local, plus more updates

Last night’s dinner was whole wheat lo mein with Asian greens, wild onions, garlic, carrots, and ginger. The noodles were homemade with local whole wheat flour and eggs, plus a little non-local white flour. The Asian greens were homegrown, the carrots and garlic came from the CSA, and the wild onions were foraged from the woodsy area near the library :-) The ginger, of course, was not local. I par-boiled the carrots for a few minutes while I cooked the noodles, and Ben stir-fried everything in some non-local soybean oil, with a sauce of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, white pepper, and rice wine (all nonlocal). Much deliciousness :-) The all-whole-wheat noodles ended up with a bit of that gritty texture that I normally object to, but it actually worked really well with a seared lo-mein treatment. I don’t think I’d like more than half whole-wheat for a lighter Italian style dish. I also rolled out the dough too far in advance, so the ends went all dry and wouldn’t go through the machine properly, but I just cut the ends off, and they’ll be used for crackers or something.

We’re going to a potluck tonight, and simmering in the oven is a wok full of tasty baked beans. Great Northern and Jacob’s Cattle beans (frozen spare beans from making two different bean soups), two jars of home-canned tomatoes, CSA onions, local honey, and soy sauce. I may throw in some garlic when I go home for lunch, and maybe half a chipotle pepper. This was a good solution for this week. I got some sleep last night, but I’m still feeling very tired, and by the time I get home after work, I will not feel like making something in a hurry. Instead, all I’ll have to do is put the baked beans into a container and get in the car when our ride picks us up. Or, for that matter, just bring the wok.

I was interviewed last night for a book one of my fellow Rioters is writing about the Riot for Austerity! I feel special :-) Coincidentally, Ben was interviewed for a local paper about the singing community he’s in, and a good friend who lives in New York called, so last night was the Evening of the Telephone. This also meant we had dinner at about 9pm and then sort of fell over. The worm bin is doing reasonably well…it got invaded by mites, which are apparently harmless but annoy the worms. They are an indication that the bin is too wet, so I added quite a lot of very slightly damp newspaper and stirred it up a bit. It had gotten really quite compacted at the bottom, which can’t be good for anything. Many of the worms appear to have died. Poor worms. But if they are properly happy and I feed them, they will make more worms and all will be well. There was quite a bit of soil in addition to the mites and unhappy worms.

We haven’t used the dishwasher since receiving the latest electric bill, so I’ll see if that brings down the numbers somewhat. I really need to get back in the habit of meal-planning. That worked so well, and then I dropped it and really haven’t been eating that well lately (I post about the tasty noodles. I do not post about the cafeteria pizza for dinner on Wednesday or the cookies I’ve had for breakfast the past two days. This may give a skewed impression of my diet.). Really, all I need it some kind of fast starch — bread or cornbread or precooked rice or something. Making it requires a bit of foreplanning, but not that much time, and then I have breakfasts and lunches for the next week or so.


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