Noodles! Oodles of noodles!

I made pasta again last night. I realized that, partly because I’ve been cooking more often than Ben has, we haven’t had a good stir-fry in ages. So I did a standard light teriyaki-ginger sauce with chopped (home-grown!) mushrooms. It should, perhaps, have had something green in there as well, but I was lazy. I made the pasta with half whole-wheat flour and it was *amazing*. Normally I don’t like the gritty texture of storebought whole-wheat noodles (I love a good dense whole-grain bread, but that texture seems out of place in pasta), but half-and-half just made it have a deeper, richer flavor. It was something like 1.5 cups of flour and two eggs…I didn’t really measure. It made a *very* dense dough, which really helped the pasta not stick together. When I did the standard white pasta recipe, the spaghetti stuck together in pairs a lot, which was fine. But this way, they separated immediately, even when I didn’t flour the dough at all before putting it through, and each batch sat in a bowl for several minutes waiting its turn to be boiled without sticking together at all. I’m always going to do it this way! And I want to try a whole wheat no-egg one sometime.

A couple of the noodles started to get slightly toasted around the edges, but didn’t really get that good hot-wok seared effect that you get with good Chinese fried noodles. I’m going to try again, cooking the noodles in small batches before I cook anything else, so that the wok will hopefully heat up enough. They key seems to be lots of oil and a *very* hot wok. Ours setup just can’t get hot enough with a wok full of stir-fry, but I think small bunches of noodles will be ok. I’ll do the noodles first and put them aside, then cook the vegetables and sauce and toss the seared noodles in at the end.


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