Any fellow US citizens who have your primaries today: go vote! I’m voting for Obama unless someone gives me an extraordinarily convincing reason to vote for Clinton. But whatever your political affiliation, vote! Please?

Meanwhile, it is torrentially raining here…I wonder how that will affect polling turnouts. Do Democrats or Republicans tend to be more hydrophobic?

And in other news, my new glasses arrived! They are very cute, and now I have both a new pair, and a new backup pair. I’m kind of tempted to get another backup pair or two through one of those cheap online glasses places, just in case. I’m functionally (and legally, last time I checked) blind without them. But the glasses cost as much as a month’s rent, so that combined with my actual rent, having to buy some textbooks for reference, and some inconveniently-timed grocery shopping means that I’m kind of broke now. I need to watch that “consumer goods category. I haven’t donated to charity in a while, so I have a nice buffer in my savings account if I need to dip into it before my paycheck on Friday. I shouldn’t need to. (Payroll automatically puts 10% of my paycheck — after taxes — into my extra savings account, and then I donate it to charity every month or two. It’s a good system.)


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