Dark Days Eat Local — Now with more tasty food!

Ok, so the rice isn’t local.  But the rice isn’t interesting, and there was homemade bread from local flour that I could have eaten if I wasn’t tired of toast.

Roasted Carrots
Carrots (CSA)
Blood orange juice (non-local)
Honey (local)
Butter (local)
Tarragon (non-local)
Salt (non-local)
Wash and chop carrots, and put them in a baking dish. Marvel at the impressive root structure that they have been developing in their styrofoam home. Mix together all remaining ingredients to form a tasty sauce, then pour over carrots, cover with foil, and put in the oven on about 400 degrees until just tender. Take foil off and cook for another few minutes until the sauce has reduced somewhat, stirring halfway through.

Pan-Fried Smelts
Follow instructions for pan-fried perch, posted a while ago, only using delicious beheaded smelts (local, as far as I could tell). Roll in peppered cornmeal (local cornmeal, unlocal pepper), then pan-fry until the tails turn all crispy and the cornmeal is lightly browned. Sprinkle (nonlocal) salt on top. For those unfamiliar with smelts, they are very small fish generally sold and prepared headless but with tails and bones intact. The bones are tiny enough that they simply make an interesting crunch in the middle of delicate fish. They are full of those wonderful fatty acids that nutritionists rave about. So full of them that another name for these fishes is “candlefish”, because you can take a dried smelt, light the tail, and it will burn like a candle. They are a wonderful comfort food.

Serve carrots and fish along with short-grain brown rice. Or it would be good with toasted whole-grain bread. Or maybe quinoa. Your starch of choice, really. We had rice.


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