Not dead yet

Classes started up again this past week.  I’m taking Reference and Young Adult Literature…it looks to be a great semester, but a very busy one, which will put a strain on the whole green-ifying thing.  My bookshelf of things I’m reading currently has a couple of environment and food policy books, interspersed with my reference textbook, some young adult romance novels, and several books on Judaism.  The juxtaposition amuses me, so I am not organizing them.

Anyway, rambling aside, this has not been a great week for the carbon output of this household.  I ate out several times, and haven’t been as good about turning the lights out and taking short showers.

  But this week’s schedule combined with Crunchy Chicken’s post about planning meals has made me realize that meal planning is something that I should really do.  For some reason, it’s always struck me as too difficult or boring or constraining or something.  But given that I almost never go out and get new seasonings for a particular meal, I can simply decide that I am making “lentils” or “tofu and veggies” or “pasta” and modify according to what I feel like at the time.  Speaking of the NoWaste project, the red cabbage bit the dust this week. Poor cabbage. And we had to compost a couple blocks of tofu that had gone off. I think meal planning will help with that as well.

On the bright side, I am pleased to report that the mushrooms are utterly delicious! We had the first few sliced and sauteed with pasta and cabbage for lunch a few days ago, then I made tasty little pastry turnover things filled with chopped mushrooms and onions and garlic for a potluck dinner last night. They were quite well received, and I still have some filling left over. That was probably my most local dish this week, other than some leftover bean soup.

I attempted to file my taxes today. The federal one went ok, though I still need to print out a thing to sign, but I have to mail in my state return and the online thing won’t display it to print. I’ll call and see what’s up tomorrow or Monday. No hurry. I will soon have a shiny tax refund, added to whatever amount of jump-start-the-economy funds I end up with. I think I may get myself a grain mill. And maybe a water filter, and some cast-iron cookware. And children’s books. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. I think I may have to pare down this list somewhat.

On Wednesday I got some ideas for a morning prayer practice to work with…that can combine with my theoretical meditation practice and maybe actually happen. That would be good. Because things like that keep me sane. If I do not stay sane, it will be doing the environment no favors, as I will then crank the heat up to 80 and go out and buy lots of chocolate chips. Cheap chocolate chips, not the fancy fair-trade organic kind. Good chocolate only tastes good if I’m happy or angry in a positive sort of way. If I’m drained and depressed I want m&ms. I’m also holding a picture-book story reading with milk and cookies sometime this month. It was going to be next Saturday, but something else is going on then that I might not want to conflict with, so I may move it to the end of the month. I will fill the apartment with people and fill the people with sugar and they will keep my home warm :-)


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