More tasty food

I’ve made two very successful dinners this week, one of which was all local.

 On Monday I made a tomato-lentil soup with some roasted tomatoes that I froze this past summer plus some canned summer tomatoes.  I used some French green lentils, and seasoned it with saffron, a bit of garlic, and salt.  And some olive oil.  Very, very tasty, though I think next time I’ll use fewer roasted tomatoes; they’re quite potent!

Dinner tonight was root veggie hash.  I shredded up equal amounts of potato, rutabaga, and carrot, sauteed some garlic in butter, and then added the vegetables along with a bit of water.  I steamed them until the veggies were done, then let the water boil off and fried them until they were crispy around the edges.  Yum.  The different vegetables made a more interesting color, taste, and texture mix than plain potato hash, and didn’t go all mushy like potatoes sometimes do.   I had originally planned to have parsnips in it, too, but the parsnip had gone a bit bendy and wouldn’t shred easily.  I’ll do something else with it soon.


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