More Gardening News

I realized that I kicked off my Growing Challenge blogging by talking about my garden plans for next summer, but haven’t been writing at all about the plants that are actually growing now!

The baby Asian greens on the windowsill are, I think, approaching the biggest that they’re going to get in the food jars they’re planted in.  I can’t decide whether they should be garnish savored over many meals, or one or two delightful salads.  Cooking them would just be wrong unless I did it perfectly.  I’m going to plant more once I uproot the spider plants from their pots.  I’m getting bored of spider plants…for decoration and air-purification, philodendrons are so much less messy.  And those pots will give the greens more room to spread their roots.

The mushrooms budded this morning!  I checked on them and there are tiny little round balls that will turn into enormous brown mushrooms!  *does the happy hobbit dance*  I think they grow fairly quickly once they reach that stage, so I’m really looking forward to some teriyaki portabello caps in the not-too-distant future :-)  If this worm thing works out, I’m going to attempt to transform some worm casings into mushroom beds to grow more portabellos when the kit runs out of food for them, and maybe at some point invest in spores of some other kind of mushroom.  Shiitakes would be my other mushroom of choice, but they need logs to grow on, so maybe maitakes or something like that.


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