Electricity Update

Our electric bill was 170kwh.  That’s down 20 kwh from last month, but still higher than we’ve had it in the past.  I don’t think I can blame the neighbors’ dryer anymore.  I’ve been really negligent about doing the dishes on time, so we’ve been running the dishwasher more often, and we’re still using more lighting than in summer (though I’m doing well on the turning-the-nightlight-out front!  Not perfect, but getting much better.)  My goal for this month will be to really get back on top of the dishwashing rhythm so that we don’t have to use the dishwasher, and to seriously look into getting a timer for the fridge to switch it off for a few hours at night.  Since we have barely any fresh delicate veggies, and have stopped buying so many packaged sauces and such, the fridge is gradually emptying.  I’d consider switching it off entirely for the winter, but it’s attached to the freezer, which we definitely need.  A timer seems like a very reasonable compromise.  We’d have to be very careful with leftovers, but that may just mean making more baked goods so that there are pre-made things around that don’t need to be kept so carefully cool.  I think I’ll bake bread this afternoon….


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