Update of 1/20

This past week has been weird, since Ben has had the flu (I appear to have escaped!  Go immune-supporting vegetable power!), and things have been drainingly crazy at work for me.  So the house has been a bit warmer than usual, and neither of us has had the time to cook very much.  But we’ve been eating lots of local oatmeal.The “The Latest In Eco-Friendly” panel at Arisia was amazing.  We had four excellently knowledgeable speakers (who did tend to talk over potential questions from the audience, but that’s a hazard of panel discussions), and people brought up plenty of good topics.  I gave someone some advice on keeping warm when your landlord won’t insulate the windows. :-)  It was well attended, and went half an hour over time because we were enjoying ourselves, the moderators didn’t have anywhere else to be, and there was nothing scheduled in the room after us.  I hadn’t heard a great deal of sensible discussion of global warming/energy/etc in the geek/fan community before this, and I’m relieved and happy to know that it’s out there, just below the surface.As an actual interaction with that geek/fan community, Arisia was not a smashing success for me, so I am now back home.   And it is cold outside.  Which is why I am home even though our CSA’s annual meeting started 8 minutes ago.  There will be plenty of other times for me to chat with the people in charge at the farm and they keep us very well-informed of policy and philosophy changes.  I should cause there to be another time for me to see “King Corn”, though sadly it will probably not involve local popcorn, as the showing today will. Those shoes that I posted about a while ago arrived on Friday!  The boots don’t fit at all, but the low shoes fit quite nicely.  The soles are scuffed enough from one weekend that I’m dubious as to their longevity, but the upper parts seem sturdy, and they fit well.  I’m going to ship back the boots and maybe ask when they’re getting the shoes in black, so that I can have two pairs.  Or I might try out a different style of shoe.  I’m not thrilled, but this gives me hope for online clothing-buying.  I have shoes, which is the important thing.I have an electric bill, which I will post about once I call NSTAR and ask them to remind me what my login is for my online account.  *sheepish*The worms seem much happier in their bin now.  They’re not eating the food scraps very quickly, but I’ll give them a few days and see how they do.  Maybe they’re just cold. 


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