Challenge Updates

I’m just going to smoosh together all the nifty little specific challenges other than the Riot onto one post; nothing all that interesting happened for any of them: Dark Days Eat Local:I kind of goofed on that one this week.  We had many meals of local oatmeal, which I suppose counts, but no nice dinner.  The massaman curry was reasonably successful and tasty, but only had local potatoes, butter, chilis, and honey.  The spices and rice were unlocal.   I’ll make more of an effort next week. The Growing Challenge: I’ve received all my seeds except for potatoes (though…do I really want more potatoes?  We get so many from the CSA.  Different varieties would be nice, but I don’t want them to go to waste.), and have started to plot where they’ll go.  I’m going to be planting lots of root veggies, leafy greens, and a few perennial leafy things like Good King Henry.  I’m also going to try for some edible flowers, and see how they do in our shady yard.  I’d love to grow ostrich ferns for fiddleheads, but I don’t know if it would be practical or affordable to grow enough to make them worth harvesting for food. Project NoWasteThis week was not a good week for food waste.  We had to throw out a quart of red lentils and a quart of soup that had gone off.  But it was an excellent week for not snacking! 

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