Worms! And injera!

As of yesterday afternoon, I finally have worms!  They arrived from…Montana.  I have no idea whether these are the Seeds of Change worms (they mentioned that they get them from a supplier elsewhere) or that first company I ordered.  Either way, I will presumably be receiving another pound of worms from Cape Cod at some point.  Oops.  The worms came in this spiffy sturdy cloth bag (inside a small cardboard box) that I will wash and reuse for bulk things.  They are happily crawling around in their bed of newspaper, and (I hope) enjoying the food scraps I tossed in with them.  Their names are Fred.  Except for one, who is named Bob.

I also discovered that the little corner shop by the bus stop in Central Square sells injera!  For those who have not eaten Ethiopian food, injera is a sort of giant sourdough crepe, cooked only on one side so that it is moist and floppy and full of bubbles.  In Ethiopian cuisine, you get one big injera as a plate, and then a couple of rolls of it with which you pick up and eat your food.  It is made with, among other things, teff flour.  These injera were pretty obviously made in someone’s kitchen nearby, because they have no nutrition information (which would be required if it were made commercially in this country) and aren’t packaged well enough to have been imported from Ethiopia or something.  They are very very tasty and HUGE and quite cheap.  The corner store is open late, so I could pick up a package of them on the way home from class :-)  I adore Ethiopian food.  I’m not the neatest eater in the world with a fork or chopsticks, but flatbread is obviously the way I was intended to eat food.  I don’t get it all over my fingers, and very rarely drop it.  I’d like to try to make injera myself at some point.

In other food news, I am getting kind of sick of beans.  And turnips, and other root vegetables.  Luckily I think we used the last of the ABOMINABLE TURNIP.  I think I may try to make a massaman curry tonight with some of those potatoes and eat it with the injera.  That would be tasty and a change from the more western-style root things I’ve been doing.  We don’t have any coconut milk, but maybe I’ll throw in some butter and decide that the recipe is going back to India where it came from.  Ben has the flu, but if he doesn’t feel like spicy food, I will make me massman curry and make him oatmeal or an omelet or something.


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