Update 1/13

This week hasn’t been so successful, with the exception of Friday’s glorious dinner.  I’ve been fighting off a cold, and I think I’m sensitive to the fumes from the tiles they’ve been laying down in the library for the renovation (they finished Thursday!  Yay!).  So I went through last week in kind of a stuffy haze and ate too many packaged snacks and didn’t do very much useful.  But some things did happen: 

1. As you can (I hope) see, I figured out how to put those cute little buttons on the sidebar!  I may even get really ambitious and put some sort of introduction-y blurb on it.  The formatting seems to be off on the actual posts today, though. WordPress has been eating my paragraph breaks and I’ve been coding them back in.

2. The mushroom kit has been open for about a week…no mushrooms yet, but Ben has taken on mushroom farming duty and has been faithfully misting them daily.


3. Speaking of Ben, we went out to dinner last night to celebrate the second anniversary of our inadvertent first date :-)  I ask him to make all these sudden changes to our lifestyle and he hasn’t run screaming into the night! (“Well,” he says, “there were vegetables!”)  No, this doesn’t have much to do with anything in the cute little buttons I just posted, but Sharon wrote a delightful essay a while ago about how staying together with your beloved, all other things being equal, is good for the environment. :-b

4. I changed the party on my voter registration to Democrat so that I can vote in the primary election in February (ok, so yes, I could have voted as Green, but I’d like to vote for someone with a chance of winning and I wasn’t actually thrilled with any of the Green candidates anyway).

5. Last weekend I went through my seed packets and my calendar and marked down when I need to start what and plant what and so on. I have all my seeds except the seed potatoes, and at some point I will venture into Cambridge and acquire tools. A real shovel, at the very least.

The weather has been exceptionally wacky lately. It plunged to near-zero temperatures, then shot up into the 50s, and now is down in the 30s again. There was snow, and then we broke the daily record for rainfall in Boston on Friday. The weather forecast predicts a glorious day today and then a winter storm watch for monday and cloudy weather around freezing for the rest of the week.


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