In which I am girly and talk about shoes

Now, normally I’m the total opposite of the stereotypical woman with lots of shoes. I had mostly sneakers growing up, with the occasional pair of sandals (I have somewhat oddly-shaped feet, and thus my sandals absolutely must have a heelstrap or they will fall off.). I’ve been wearing some New Balance sneakers that are all black and thus pass fine in my business-very-casual work environment. But that pair is coming apart at the seams, though luckily they look just fine until you get up closer than any of my coworkers or library patrons are likely to do. I doubt I can get them resoled and repaired, and they’re just not high enough quality to make it worth it. I’ve had them for about a year and a half, which is a good life for a pair of not-all-that-expensive sneakers. I also have some hiking boots that I’ve been wearing to slog through the slush, but I’d kind of prefer to bring office shoes to change into, if nothing else because the boots are really heavy and clunky. I really wanted to find some high-quality shoes that I could get resoled, but this is turning out to be more effort than I have energy right now. I can’t even get any shoes that aren’t used without going into Cambridge, and my previously-mentioned funny-shaped feet mean that I may be waiting years before a pair that fit and are appropriate for work show up in the thrift store.

So I figured that I could at least support a nice hippy clothing company if I’m going to get “normal” shoes delivered to me. New Balance actually seems to be fairly low on the Evil-O-Meter, but it still has factories in China and makes industrial agriculture more affordable by making its byproducts (i.e., leather) profitable. (Are there any organic leather companies?) This makes me kind of sad, as these are by far the most comfy shoes I’ve ever had. I’ve ordered two pairs of shoes from a hippy vegan clothing company whose name I will disclose when I receive and review them. One pair are tan hemp dress shoes, and one pair are black hemp light boots. I am getting two pairs partly to increase the chances that one will fit me, and partly because I’ve realized that no, really, I need to own more shoes. Having two pairs of shoes and switching between them increases their lifespan by letting them dry out thoroughly, so that they will last longer than if I bought them in series. One pair is a size 8 and one is a size 8 1/2, because my feet are sort of 8 1/4s. I’m hoping that either I’ll get lucky and they’ll both fit, or that one will not fit in a way that makes it clear that a size up or down would fit, and I can easily exchange them. The website also had some nice-looking sandals that I might try out in the summer. I miss having sandals that fit.

For the curious, the boots were 60-something dollars and the dress shoes were on sale for 40-something down from 50-something. That’s quite reasonable for a good pair of shoes, and 10% of that went to charity. I also restrained myself from buying the vegan cookies they had for sale. They were from a Boston company. I can buy them myself in Boston at the co-op if I really want individually-wrapped oversized cookies. I had one once — they’re good cookies. But I can make cookies myself. Really. I would even enjoy the process if I weren’t feeling all stuffy and sick. *wants cookie; does not want to go to the effort of making it; will make do with pie*

On a totally separate note, I realized that the Train Trip of Awesome to San Francisco should not happen this summer. That would be missing three weeks of peak harvest season. The idea is being relocated to next winter. It is actually warmer in San Francisco than in Boston in the winter. Unlike in August, when it is considerably colder. I *really like* the idea of not being in Boston for three weeks in the winter. Some of the train emissions could then also be offset by not having to heat the apartment beyond the minimum required not to explode the pipes.


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