No worms.

I ordered worms (and seeds for kale and celery) from Seeds of Change. I have up until now been very very happy with this company. They do good work, and always include exciting freebie packets of seeds (most of which won’t grow in my garden, but that’s not their fault, and it’ll make someone on Freecycle happy), and have an attractive, user-friendly website and online shopping setup. I intend to continue to buy seeds and such from them.

But they do not ship worms in winter. This is a fine policy; worms are delicate critters and could easily freeze. However, if this is your policy, kindly indicate this on your website so that I do not spend fifty dollars on worms that I will receive at some indeterminate warmer date! Grr. I’d been kicking myself for forgetting to order them rushed shipping, and expecting a box of dead worms, but I’d hoped that they would tell me that they only ship them next-day shipping or something and did I want to add that to my bill. Hopefully the nice customer-service person at the help line will pass on my consternation.


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