Baked goods

I made two loaves of whole-wheat bread last night.  It’s tasty, but very dense.  I don’t think I let it rise for long enough; I need to remember that it takes longer in a colder apartment.  Baking requires a type of patience that I’m really bad at!  I also made a pumpkin pie, which didn’t set in the oven, but appears to have set overnight in the fridge.  I’ll test it tomorrow.  Note to self: the En-R-G stuff doesn’t work very well in pies.  And lastly, I’ve been randomly craving garlic, so I took some leftover pie crust, sprinkled it with chopped local garlic, and toasted it in the toaster oven.  Best.  Pastry.  Ever.  Flaky, buttery, perfectly toasted around the edges, full of roasted garlic goodness.  “How to Cook Everything” wins.  It recommended rubbing the flour and butter together with fingers, rather than chopping it with a pastry cutter.  That worked so very well.  I was also interested to see that of the two kinds of butter I was using, one was crumbly and mixed well, and the other sliced beautifully but felt almost plastic-y and didn’t combine as easily.  They both appear to have roughly the same level of sustainability, but I’m going with the crumbly kind.  It’s more expensive, hence my getting the cheaper kind, but I guess the extra price is worth it.  I’ll be emailing them and figuring out just how their cows are raised and such.  I’ve been lazy about that.


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