Yet another weekly update

Transit: I made one trip to West Newton by bus (carpool back) this week, and will take the bus in to Cambridge and back tomorrow.

Electricity: Still doing well, as far as I can tell. I continue to be better about turning the lights off. Ben used the dryer once, and we’ve used the dishwasher more than usual, though.

Water: I took a longer shower than normal this week, but otherwise I’ve been doing well.

Food: Lots and lots of cornbread and beans. The lack of snack food is starting to be a bit of a problem. Snacks are one thing that I’ve been really trying to work on…they’re the last category of food to be local-ified for us.

Consumer Goods: I bought a whole bunch of seeds and gardening supplies. More seeds than I could ever possibly use, but I like the idea of havign a bunch of different veggies to try out, and I’ll be giving out the extras to spread the gardening love. Most of my books have arrived. I highly recommend “The Encyclopedia of Country Living”, recommended on Sharon’s blog. It is a Giant Tome of Useful! I’m looking forward to using the perennial vegetable book, and the food preservation book. I’m a little less thrilled with “When Technology Fails”. There’s lots of excellent emergency-preparedness stuff, and some very useful edible-plants information, but I could have done without most of the alternative medicine stuff. He gives just enough information to let someone mess around with it without knowing what they’re doing, and that field is filled with enough quacks that you can’t just recommend that they take a good course in it, like you might tell someone to take a Red Cross first aid class. On the other hand, I don’t know much about homeopathy and such myself, so maybe he does include just the right kind of information.

Trash: Still doing fine. I ordered more worms along with the gardening supplies, so maybe we’ll finally have a worm bin soon.


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