On squash

Our winter CSA shares came with several carnival squash. These round squash are speckly orange and yellow and green, and fairly small, and as such are excellent for roasting whole. (This website is a good guide for winter squash, and has a picture of some carnivals. Ours are prettier ;-) ) I just finished eating lunch, which consisted of half a roasted carnival carnival squash for each of us. The one before that, we had roasted and then filled with a cumin-spiced fake meat mixture and onions (the original middle eastern recipe would have used lamb). It was delicious that way, but I think I liked it even better today..cut in half with just a sprinkling of course unrefined sugar and nutmeg, then roasted at 450 until the edges turned black. Carnival squashes are one of the sweeter winter squashes, and this really let the squashy goodness shine through. I used to dislike winter sqush…given our CSA share, I’m really, really glad that I’ve learned to like it! It’s mainly the texture that I’m not fond of, so the predominance of butternut sqush makes me happy. Butternuts tend to be much less stringy than some others. They also smell exactly like watermelon when cut up, which is a nice summery smell in the middle of winter, and make good bookends. My bookshelf is home to two butternuts and a largeish carnival squash, and the bookshelf in the living room has two acorn squashes, a sugar pumpkin, and a small carnival squash.

Random observation: this blog appears to be popular with people looking for footsie pajamas and with people whose names begin with M. Fascinating.


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    Chile said,

    Sounds delicious – both recipes!

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