Transit Calculations

I’ve been mainly ignoring the transit/gasoline area of the project, at least in terms of posting totals, because I take public transit or carpool everywhere and thus it’s extremely difficult for me to figure out exact fuel usages.  So this is going to be a *very* rough calculation.   I made one one-way flight to DC (train back), which I am not including because it had been planned before I decided to join this project, and would not otherwise have happened.  I will include it as if it had been train both ways, as I would very much like to go to that event again next year and will go by train both ways (though I suppose I probably won’t go if the Expedition to California happens).  I know this is sort of “cheating”, but I think this is actually the most useful way for me to see where I need to cut back.

I’m calculating public transit as 100mpg as per the original Riot rules, since I can’t get hard figures for fuel use and the benefit of “voting” for public transit should, I hope, outweigh the disadvantage of energy-inefficient public transit.

Three round-trips to DC via Amtrak = 3,000 miles = 30 gallons

One round-trip car ride to New York state = about 18 gallons / 2 people = 9 gallons

I’m going to smoosh together commuting to class, routine shopping expeditions into Boston/Cambridge (by bus/train/subway), and various short carpools by pretending that I went to class twice a week for the entirety of the Riot.  In reality, I didn’t have class in the summer, and either skipped class or had various breaks for several weeks.

22 miles round-trip to Simmons * 28 weeks * 2 = 1232 miles = 12.3 gallons

Total: 51.3 gallons  Given that I have no other major trips planned, I’ll probably use an equivalent of about 55 gallons for this year, if my estimate of how often I go into Boston is accurate (it’s probably on the high side unless I’m underestimating how often and how far I carpool).  That’s only slightly over target!  I’ll try to bike more next summer, but otherwise transit isn’t something I need to worry about too much.


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