Holiday Update

I had a lovely X-mas (I kind of like that phrase as a way to distinguish between Christmas-as-a-secular-winter-festival and Christmas-as-a-Christian-holiday).  I contributed two dishes to dinner, neither particularly local.  I’d considered bringing up some veggies again like I did for Thanksgiving, but my mom had asked me to make something with protein because there’s never a decent veggie protein option among the various side dishes, and there wasn’t time to cook dried beans.  I did a baked tofu thing and a red lentil thing.  The tofu didn’t work nearly so well as it does when I pan-fry it, but was edible.  The lentils were tasty.

All my gifts to people were used, homemade, or donations to Heifer International, with the exception of a candy cane as part of Ben’s present (which was a mug containing a candy cane, a cookie, and a penny.  Bonus points to anyone who can get the reference.).  I don’t think there had been any sort of sustainability discussion regarding presents, but there was still an unusual percentage of presents wrapped in boxes or bags or other reusable things.  It may simply have been that people’s frustration with dealing with used wrapping paper had reached critical mass.  I now have many books (including a cookbook specifically geared towards seasonal produce), very nice pinking shears, a portabello mushroom growing kit, a nifty board game, and some beautiful handmade warm fuzzy clothing objects, among other things that I’m probably forgetting.  Some of the books were a little random, but I’ll enjoy them and then pass them on.

As at Thanksgiving, I spent lots of time wandering around the house switching lights off.  But then I slept with the light on because it’s always worse when I go home for some reason.  Meh.  I made many (hopefully not too annoying-sounding) mentions of things we’ve been doing on the energy-conservation and local-food fronts, which seemed reasonably well-received.

The train ride was lovely both ways.  On the ride down, almost half the trip was through Scenic Snow-Covered New England.


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