More updates, mostly involving food

There’s been nice hot food lately.  Wood Prairie Farm sent me a duplicate box of beans.  I’m going to call them and find out what’s up with that…I mean, yay, more beans, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay for them.  These beans are so tasty!  Freshly dried beans cook up very quickly, and I’ve made two big pots of soup this week.  One was with King of the Early and one was with Jacob’s Cattle.  They both qualified for the Dark Days Eat Local challenge, so I will write one or both of them up if I’m less inspired tomorrow…I kind of want challah, which will have to be with nonlocal flour.  Whole wheat challah does not work.  It somehow doesn’t even make especially good whole wheat bread.  Must find source of local white flour!

Last night I made a dish that my mom used to make fairly frequently that I really liked and had never tried to make.  It’s not hard, is very comforting food, and is a good use for breadcrumbs.  It originally involved substantial quantities of parsley, but luckily does not require them to attain its crunchy buttery goodness.  You melt some butter (or other cooking oil; I actually used about half and half butter and olive oil) in a skillet, toast the breadcrumbs in it briefly, then throw in cooked pasta — my mom generally made it with green linguini or fettuccini; I used multicolored bowties.  Fry the pasta until it gets slightly crispy around the edges and well coated with breadcrumbs.  The parsley is added at the same time as the pasta; I’ll have to make it again this summer.  If you wanted to make it a full meal with more protein, I think some spinach or other fairly light leafy green would work well (or just even more parsley!), and for protein possibly clams or other bivalves.

I’ve been poking around on my XO laptop, and I’m quite pleased with it.  I haven’t gotten the typing down, as the keyboard has a different feel to it, and I keep messing with the menus when I move my mouse to the corner, but both of those are just a matter of acclimation.  We also need to change our wireless so that the computers can find it.  There appear to be some minor issues with the web browser, but that’s why there are updates.  The tiny screen is no impediment whatsoever with the level of resolution it has!  It will make a very effective ebook reader…I might try to download a few from Project Gutenberg or something to read on the train if I get around to it.  It’s a little slow after being accustomed to a standard high-power laptop, but that’s not really a problem.  Not being able to have more than one window open at once will be a small problem for research, but I don’t intend to *do* all that much deadline-locked research after I finish my degree, anyway, and my iBook should survive that long.


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