More snow!

Huh…looking at my handy dashboard of blog stats, lots of people appear to be looking for pajamas with feet. Well, I can update you to confirm that my Big Feet PJs are still wonderful and cozy. I’ve gotten used to the way they tend to bunch up in bed, and they are utterly wonderful for lounging around the house in, particularly with a sweatshirt on top.

Which is what I’m doing now…because we have an actual Nor’easter! It started snowing at some point very late last night, and there was…a lot of snow…when I woke up. We got about 10 inches in places from the last storm, and it had gotten packed down some but not a lot, so it’s hard to tell how much of this is new. I also can’t quite tell if it’s still snowing right now or if that’s just water droplets and grime on the windows. WeatherUnderground says “freezing fog”, so it might just be too tiny to see well. I’m not going outside to check! Later on we are going to get a “wintry mix” of sleet, freezing rain, ice pellets, and rain, with more snow later tonight. And did I mention wind? Lots of wind.

Note to people making our state/nation’s transit policy: this is why we love public transit! Particularly trains. Busses have the same problems as cars, though they do at least make fewer vehicals on the road to run into each other. But trains and subways have their own separate tracks and aren’t slowed as much by weather. One of my coworkers took six hours to get home, four of which were on the road running through campus (I think I may have reported that four hours as twenty minutes before…this was becaus I had assumed she was almost off campus when she reported in at 20 minutes. Poor K.) There weren’t any major accidents on Thursday because the cars were just going too slowly to do any serious damage to each other when they did collide. But the trains were running only 20 to 40 minutes behind schedule, part of which was the fact that they had to wait so long at each station for people to pack into them. They actually had to run more trains to deal with the demand. Same with subways.


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