Snow Day with comfort food

It is snowing in a blizzard-like way. My evening class was cancelled, and I was technically working overtime just by keeping my normal hours, because Brandeis was closed as of 2:30. The traffic is stopped in the streets. It’s all powdery fluffy snow, though, so it shouldn’t cause too many non-traffic problems.

The Incredible Travelling Lentil Soup has finally reached an end. It was originally red lentil and rutabaga soup, done in a typical mild Indian style. Some of it was then mixed with roasted sweet potatoes for wonton filling (yum!). And then the rest of it, plus the excess wonton filling, was then mixed into cornbread. I should do that more often…it makes truly excellent cornbread. It’s very moist, and somewhat lacking in structural integrity, but very tasty. Lentil cornbread (or pureed-bean cornbread, etc) will make a good protein-rich breakfast food.

For dinner tonight, there will be something with portobello mushrooms (sadly not local), reconstituted dried CSA tomatoes, CSA celeriac, and CSA potatoes, probably braised in some way with nice earthy seasonings.

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