Dark Days Eat Local Week III

Neither of these really counts, but they were so very tasty, and had significant local ingredients, so I had to share:

Squid-Veggie Stir-Fry
Carrots (CSA)
Onions (CSA)
Squid (Atlantic ocean near here, sustainably harvested)
Garlic (CSA)
Basil (CSA)
Ginger (not local)
Ho Chi Minh hot pepper (CSA)
Honey (local apiary)
Soy Sauce (not local, bulk)
Rice wine (not local)
Kaffir lime leaf (not local, but obtained from a friendly local Thai restaurant)
Jasmine rice (not local, bulk)

Make a nice pot of jasmine rice. Chop ingredients into reasonable-sized pieces. Stir-fry carrots and onions along with all seasonings except garlic, ginger, and hot pepper, until carrots are done. Put into a bowl and set aside. Stir-fry squid with garlic, ginger, and hot pepper in a Very Hot Wok until squid is just cooked. Rinsing and draining the squid before doing this would probably have been a good idea, as this kind of resulted in squid soup. Mix in the vegetables, bring to a boil to make sure everything is cooked, and serve over rice.

Crepes with Crabapple-Peach Butter

Flour (not local)
Eggs (local)
Crabapple-peach butter (all local except a bit of lemon juice, home-canned)

Mix the first three ingredients together to create a soupy batter. What we in fact used was the considerable excess of tempura batter left over from the deep-frying party. Tempura batter makes utterly perfect crepes! The flour in this case was half all-purpose and half rice flour. Given the lack of gluten in rice flour, I’d like to try it again with the local whole-wheat flour, as it should still stick together well enough.

Take the batter and pour a small dollop onto a lightly-oiled skillet on medium heat. Tilt the skillet until it covers the bottom in a thin layer. Cook until the edges begin to curl, then flip and cook on the other side for another minute or so. Repeat until you run out of batter. Spread crepes with crabapple-peach butter, roll up, enjoy.

We made many many crepes, and so have enough to make Flaedlesuppe for lunch tomorrow. Flaedlesuppe is a wonderful south German comfort food, and is what you get when you cut stale crepes into thin strips and add to broth like noodles. I think I will make miso Flaedlesuppe.


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