In which it is officially winter

We got about two inches of snow last night and it still hasn’t melted.  I guess it’s officially December!  Both windows in my room are covered with copious quantities of pink bubble wrap, which seems to help a good deal.  Later today I will brave the dismal weather to get blankets from the thrift store to put up as curtains.  I’ve also been closing the internal doors at night so that the bedrooms and bathroom form this little cell of warmth and don’t lose so much heat to the kitchen and living room.  I was amazed at how warm it was when I woke up this morning.  I have somewhere between half and two-thirds of a scarf done, depending on how long I decide it should be.  I want to make a nice big one, with fringes on the ends.  Then I will make a hat, socks, and a shawl.  And possibly try mittens at some point.

The R4A list has given me some great tips for breakfasts, which I will try.  This morning I had some leftover chickpea and corn stew and I wasn’t hungry at all until a reasonable lunchtime.   (Though, note to self: dry chickpeas take FOREVER to cook.  I’m not buying them again after I run out of these.)  I’ll make some homemade granola with soy flour or nut butter or something like that for protein, and eat it like oatmeal with water instead of milk.  I suppose TVP would even work there.  I might also experiment with doing some haybox-type cooking of lentil soup for breakfasts.  Especially with those red lentils, I could put them in a thermos or other insulated container with boiling water and some spices and precooked potatoes or something at night and by morning I would have tasty soup.


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