Thanksgiving Update

I haven’t been on the internet at all since Thursday morning.  It was a nice break :-)

I went down by Amtrak to my parents’ house in Rockville, MD for Thanksgiving.  It was an excellent and relaxing vacation, and while it wasn’t particularly green-ified, it also wasn’t overly wasteful.  Since I couldn’t effectively measure much while I was home, I’m not going to attempt to post actual totals.  I’ll just pick up again with this week’s totals this Saturday or Sunday.

I did actually buy stuff on “Black Friday”, but mainly because I actually needed stuff and there were convenient sales at everywhere.  The stuff in question was two sets of knitting needles and several balls of yarn, because my sister has taught me how to knit!  I have about half of a soft warm blue seed-stitch scarf done.  I make my own yarn, but I wanted to get some commercial yarn to learn on, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about slubs and weak spots and things like that.  I also have some organic cotton yarn for making a hat for Ben, and some thinner wool yarn for socks.  My goal is to learn to make a scarf, a hat, socks, mittens, and a shawl.  With those, I will be all set for winters.  I also bought a pair of nice thick wool gloves at the army surplus store.  I’d hoped to find one of those old German long wool coats-for-invading-Russia, but there were none to be found.  There was an excellent warm hooded bomber jacket with a tag that said “remove before flight”, but it was very expensive, so I didn’t get it.  I’ll try to find a wool coat at the thrift store; the only problem tends to be finding one that’s small enough.

In addition to the mittens, I will now be extra-warm on winter nights, as I brought home another quilt made by my grandmother.  She was a quite prolific quilter, and I have one that she specifically made for me, but my grandfather brought around some more quilts that didn’t have a home, and I have adopted one.  It has a mate made with similar materials that I may also take home at some point.  Speaking of heirlooms, this Christmas I will finally get to try out the walking wheel, since the remodeling will almost be done, so it can be unearthed from the attic!  And I found out that the big cleaver we have is from the Moody farm! (The Moodys were about four generations back).  It is very useful for chopping squash.  I may have to ask if I can abscond with it at some point…my parents don’t use it very often.

I had a checkup last Tuesday and am very healthy.  I was supposed to get my cholesterol checked today, but my veins didn’t work.  I had forgotten to drink anything this morning and my blood pressure was 100/60, so that was probably why.  We’re going to try again next week.  I’m curious to see the results.


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