Snow! And food.

It’s snowing!  A nice light flurry that just barely sticks to the ground before it melts.  It’s supposed to turn to rain later.  I went outside for a minute and twirled in the snow.

Yesterday a giant box from <a href=””>Wood Prairie Farm</a> arrived with 20-pound bags of rolled oats, cornmeal, and whole wheat flour.  The 10-gallon buckets I have turned out to be the perfect size to hold a bag (with a good bit of spare room for the cornmeal, and almost not enough room for the rolled oats).  We cut off the tops of the bags but left them in the buckets to make cleanup easier.  The bags were nice sturdy brown paper with string closures; the tops will make nice wrapping or scratch paper.  I had some of the oatmeal for breakfast this morning.  It was very tasty, though I think I didn’t let it sit long enough; it was still a tad crunchy.  If anyone in New England is looking for local grains, beans, or root veggies, I highly recommend this farm.  They also offer dried fruit and nuts and things from some small family farms in California.

Sunday was the annual Harvest Potluck and first winter share pick-up at the CSA.  We’d been told that it would come in one of the big blue harvest crates that are everywhere at the farm, and that we could return it at the second pick-up in December.  We’d decided to take a taxi, and had brought bags to transfer the stuff into so that we didn’t have to worry about bringing back the crate.  When we got there, we saw crates full of greens and piles of squash and roots, and were told to take half a pound of each kind of green, two of each kind of squash, and a big bag each of potatoes and rutabagas.  That seemed like not really enough vegetables, and we started to feel a little disappointed.  Where were the leeks and carrots and sweet potatoes listed in the “upcoming veggies” email?  Then we were told to go over by the greenhouse and pick up a big blue crate. :-)  We have a LOT of vegetables!  The potluck was great, and we ended up getting a ride home rather than having to take a taxi.

I’ve been learning more ways to prepare potatoes.  I need to remember that boiled or braised or fried root veggies in thin slices cook much faster than roasting or baking them in big chunks, which used to be my default thing to do with them.  I made a delicious Indian potato recipe with lots of nutmeg for the potluck.  It had nutmeg, cumin, coriander, butter, fresh ginger, white pepper, and some hot peppers.  Heat the butter/oil, add the spice until they’re lightly toasted, then add  everything else and pan-fry with a little water until the potatoes are done (about 20-30 minutes)  Easy, tasty, reasonably healthy if you replace the butter with oil and/or don’t use quite so much of it.  And the ginger was the only thing that wasn’t light bulk things or local produce.  Throw in some ground meat or tofu and some greens, and you’ve got a full meal.

Despite the snow, we’re still managing fine without heat…the house is usually 20-30 degrees warmer inside than the outside temperature.  A couple days ago Ben was making a cup of tea and contemplating turning on the heat, and I suggested that he wait until after he drank the tea to see if the tea was enough, and it was!  Tea is remarkably warming.


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