Dark Days Eat Local Challenge — Week 1

And I start out my first week of the challenge by…totally failing to fulfill its requirements! Meh. But dinner turned out tasty. And if the cranberry beans are in fact local, I had a 90% local meal on Monday. Here’s last night’s:

Homemade pasta with tomato sauce:
Pasta made a few weeks ago (nonlocal flour, dried CSA tomatoes, nonlocal black pepper), lightly roasted CSA tomatoes, CSA basil, garlic from a farm in Massachusetts obtained at the co-op grocery, local butter, possibly local beans (I *think* they’re from Maine but I don’t remember)

Bread (nonlocal flour, local eggs, local honey, nonlocal salt, nonlocal yeast)

Nonlocal grape juice

The pasta sauce was amazing, but I burned the beans and had to sit there picking out the burned ones. Soon there will be local grain products and a while after that there will be definitely local beans. I should have made something with potatoes, but Ben suggested the homemade pasta with the roasted tomatoes we’d taken out to thaw, and that souned *so* delicious. And it was. Next week will be better, and I have actually made a very-local meal this week, just not on the day I was planning to. I need to do something about the grape juice if Friday’s going to be my local dinner day…I’d forgotten about that. It seems somehow entirely against the spirit of this whole thing to say that ritually necessary food doesn’t count.


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