Small happy newses

We now have a dimmer switch that will play nicely with dimmable CFLs, draft excluders for the two interior doors to the mud room, and weatherstripping for the windows.  Yay!

In unrelated news, I had a dentist appointment yesterday.  Despite switching to a nonflouridated toothpaste and not brushing and flossing as often as I should (just because I’m lazy — not to conserve floss or something silly like that), I have excellent dental health!  I should floss more, but I had very little plaque buildup and no cavities.  The hygienist agrees with me that it’s probably all the vegetables.  I also don’t tend to eat a lot of sticky candy, sweetened drinks (I say as I finish my mug of sweetened tea), or starchy snacks anymore, because I’m cutting down on packaged and/or imported food.

The Thanksgiving holiday has provided me with three opportunities so far to explain why I’m taking the train home and extol the wonders of cushy seats, no inspections, and cheaper tickets. :-)  I’ve been emphasizing non-environmental reasons why the train is better, because when I mention that the train produces less emissions than flying, the reaction is generally “Yeah, I know… *slightly guilty look*”  Unless I’m going to start a long conversation on why the person should actually care about the fact that the plane trip is killing the environment, which is probably going to end up with me sounding sanctimonious and annoying, they’re just going to keep taking the plane and feeling vaguely guilty about it.  But if I can point out all the reasons that planes are unpleasant regardless of emissions (cramped spaces, turbulence, security, expense, variable ticket pricing, delays, airports often taking longer to get to than the nearest train station…), and show how trains often do not have these problems, someone may consider taking the train for self-interested reasons that don’t require a complete redesign of their worldview.  People will need to redesign their worldview eventually, I know, but when they’re stressed about holiday travel plans is probably not one of the better moments to ask them to do so.


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