A Day in the Life

This is a record of yesterday (Thursday).  This is about what my day looks like on Wednesdays and Thursdays…other days are also busy, but involve significantly more time at home.

6:50 AM: Got up when alarm went off.  Spent about five minutes contemplating utter trippiness of last night’s dreams.  Dressed very quickly as it is Very Cold in the bedroom.  Took thyroid meds.

Ate breakfast — bulk granola from the co-op with rice milk.  Spritzed some water on braising greens sprouts growing in the windowsills.  Wondered if it’s time to put the sauerkraut in the fridge.

7:40AM: Walked to work (which takes about 15 minutes), enjoying pretty falling leaves.  Noticed that the frost still hasn’t killed either the potatoes or the peppers in the front yard (the latter of which are still valiantly trying to bloom.  Silly peppers.)

8AM-12PM: Work — accomplished various work-related stuff.  Discovered that the volume of 15th century necromancy that I rescued from a professor’s office yesterday to renew is surprisingly readable.  I am disappointed that I have to return it to the professor and thus can’t check it out.

Finished Children’s Literature class project during slow moments at work and caught up on internet.

12-1PM: lunch!  Walked home, had homemade dumplings with homemeade sauerkraut, drizzled with toasted sesame oil and chili oil.  The sauerkraut is definitely fermented enough, in fact is in danger of going critical, so I put it outside, where it’s at refrigerator temperatures, and Ben promised to bring it in for the night.

The apple chunks and water that are trying to turn into apple cider vinegar smell like weak hard cider.  Yay!  But they have mold on them.  I will have to find out if that means I have to throw it out.

I did some dishes, put leftover vegetables soup in a container for dinner, grabbed my bag full of school stuff, and headed back to work.  The frost did in fact kill the potato plants; they just hadn’t wilted by the time I left this morning.  We will dig the potatoes on Sunday. (If they exist.  There are impressive quantities of now-wilty green stuff, but we haven’t actually confirmed the existance of tubers.)

1-4pm: Work.

4pm: Went down to the staff room and heated up soup for dinner.  I also had a local apple.

4:40: Train to North station, then transfer to the subway to class.  Read a book on the train.

6-9pm: Class.  We had an interesting discussion on “popular” versus “quality” fiction for children.  At the halfway break I was very hungry and got a brownie at the cafe.  I need to start making more bread so that I can have dinners that I don’t have to heat up and thus can eat on the train at a slightly more dinner-like hour.

9:40pm: Bus to Central Square, transfer to another bus home.  More book.

10:45pm: After a half-mile walk from the bus stop, finally home.  Ben read a chapter from Little House on the Prairie to me, then we chatted a bit about weekend plans, and I was asleep by about 11:30.  The heat had turned on, which I discovered the next morning was because the back door had popped open.  Grr.  But warm bed — yay!


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