Not dead yet — Musings

The Riot for Austerity now has a website! Wheee! It is at Since it will compile all or most of our posts, this may inspire me to actually update this thing.

Current Projects:

  1. Sauerkraut: Success! We have very-fermented sauerkraut sitting out on the back porch, and another Enormous Cabbage waiting to be turned into sauerkraut later. I want to do a traditional caraway kraut next, but Ben wants ginger and scallions, because this is what Ben adds to everything. Maybe we’ll do one of each.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Chunk of apples are sitting in a bucket of water. It currently smells appealingly like hard cider, but doesn’t taste like much yet. It has a little bit of mold on it that I need to scrape off.
  3. Braising Greens: Little sprouts are sitting in empty containers all over the windows of the kitchen and dining room. Only one looks in danger of dying, and most are doing well.
  4. Potatoes: Today’s frost finally killed the greens, so if potatoes exist, they will be harvested on Sunday *crosses fingers*
  5. Bubble-wrapping windows: Less success. The bubble wrap was only available in not-quite-big-enough pieces from the UPS store, and only in pink. They can be patched together to cover the windows, but this will be more annoying than should really be necessary. I’ll head out to Home Depot at some point and get some weatherstripping, apply that to the windows and door, then bubblewrap the windows.
  6. The nosepad snapped off my glasses a week ago, and the optometrist won’t fix them. I’m going to see if I can find a jeweler willing to do it, and meanwhile I should get an eye appointment and get new glasses. I’m sort of wondering now if it would be irresponsible of me to have children if I can’t guarantee that modern glasses technology will be easily available.

It’s impressive how much just a few months of this alters how I look at things, and how easily I still slip back into consumerist culture. I never really shop at the grocery store anymore, and some part of me doesn’t really believe that vegetables will exist after we use up the local ones we get from the CSA. But then I impulse-buy terribly when I do go to the supermarket, because I’m not in the habit of ignoring unlikely quantities of food all concentrated in one place. I seem to be dealing with cold in general better than last year, which may be due to being on artificial metabolism, but partly I’ve realized that something switched and I no longer expect to be warm. It’s cold out. Therefore, I’m cold. This is not optimal, but it’s perfectly tolerable, and it makes going outside much less jarring when there’s not such a drastic difference between inside and outside.


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