Thrift stores are wonderful. So many shiny and useful things for so little money, and so little environmental impact. I went shopping yesterday and now have:

— two long courdoroy skirts, one in forest green and one in burgundy. They are soft and swishy and will be wearable into early fall.
— one large and one small glass rubber-stoppered jar, suitable for holding dry bulk goods.
— two stocky glasses with an unobtrusive floral pattern etched on them.
— four nice ceramic bowls, two black and two pale yellow.
— cozy blue slippers
— a wide-brimmed straw hat

The dishes will be especially useful in ridding the house of Evil Plastic. I am particularly glad to be rid of the cheap plastic bowls, which never really felt clean once they’d had anything oily in them. The plastic cups are more presentable, but glass will be even better. And I was very happy to find the storage containers — there were several more that I didn’t buy because they were opaque, but I could probably find similar ones again if I needed to.


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