Week 9 Update

This week has been hard…I’ve been too tired and out of it to keep up the house or to cook. But I’ve been feeling much better the past two days, so maybe I’m just still recovering. I got my blood tested yesterday to make sure I’m not hypothyroid. I really need to find a new doctor. Anyway…

Transit: No powered transit this week.

Electricity: I’ve run the dishwasher when I didn’t really need to. But now I’m feeling better, so I’m hopeful for next week. At least I didn’t use the dryer for the laundry. I’m thinking that I might do the next load of small washables by hand — that’ll be easier than doing a whole load of big things, and it takes longer to accumulate big things anyway.

Food: I bought some snacks from the break room dispensor and ate a distressing amount of packaged food (though except for the snacks, I didn’t actually buy new packaged food). Our share partners got the whole share last week (we got the whole share the week before, due to scheduling weirdness), so we’re almost all out of local produce.

3Ok, I wrote the above before taking a break to go to the store, due to the aforementioned lack of produce. We now have bread (not that local, but organic — the bread I made last week was moldy), fish (reasonably local and sustainably fished), white cabbage, and speckled patty-pan squash. The cabbage and squash are local! From farms in Massachusetts! And I’m guessing that they’re at least not hugely enormous industrial farms, because Massachusetts just doesn’t have all that much agriculture. I’m going to ask what farm they came from if there’s more next time I’m there –we were in a bit of a hurry today. I did stop and fill out one of those little comment cards, with glowing praise for the local produce. I also found out that Welch’s grape juice, which I associate as being a Huge Evil Industrial Company, may actually be local. The company is certainly based in Concord, and the grapes claim to be “our own Concord/Niagara grapes”, depending on whether it’s purple or white grape juice. I may actually try to write them and find out if the grapes are grown in/near Concord or if they’re just Welch’s variety of Concord grape that’s grown somewhere far-off. I got a can of frozen juice anyway, as the option we’d been going for before is organic non-concentrated juice from California, grapes grown somewhere probably not even California. I’ll confirm that it’s local before making it the default. And, y’know, make sure we like it. I do wish they had an organic option.

Water: So far, doing about the same. As mentioned under electricity, I ran the dishwasher. I’m not sure how it measures against my handwashing in terms of water use. I’m kind of looking forward to grape-stomping some of my laundry next week.

Consumer Goods: I don’t think I bought anything this week. Doing detergent-less laundry bodes well for that particular category of consumer goods. Next week, I think I will go to the thrift store and get new clothes. Or rather, I am going to trade the clothing that does not fit anymore to the thrift store for new clothing plus a small handling fee ;-)

Trash: A distressing amount of food was wasted this week due to me not eating it. At least it’s being composted. For actual trash, we’re still doing wonderfully.

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