I volunteered at the farm again today. Our share partners have the whole share this week (we took the whole share last week), so I don’t get to eat most of the veggies I helped was :-( Oh well. There will be more veggies.

I biked to the farm for the first time…it makes a very nice bike ride, and today was a good day to try it out. At 8am on a Sunday, there’s *nobody* on the roads! But I rode in the street along with the big scary SUVs and the big scary SUVs did not squish me. While I still find the seat uncomfortable, I’ve noticed that there’s a substantial difference in how smooth the pedals feel in my new bike as contrasted with the ancient bikes I’ve borrowed in the past. I’ll experiment with moving the seat around a little.

We washed many many vegetables, including some adorable teeny little eggplants. Then we weeded eggplants. The weeds were higher than the eggplants in some places. And I found four eggplants that really needed to be picked, and I got to take them home :-). I also picked a few husk cherries to try, because we didn’t do PYO last week except for a few sprigs of basil — it was all rainy. There are tomatoes! and sweet corn! and hot peppers! Summer. Next week there will be more vegetables for us. And I’ll get them all to myself after Sunday, because Ben will be away that week. Poor Ben. No farm vegetables for him.

I got to chat a lot with the other people weeding the eggplants, which was excellent. And I came home covered in dirt. Somehow being covered in farm dirt always makes me feel happy and energized. Then I took a shower so that the happy farm dirt did not get distributed throughout the house.

Note to self, however: wear long pants next time, no matter how hot it is. Eggplant leaves and weeds are surprisingly spiky — my legs are now covered in hundreds of tiny scratches that really sting.


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