All bike-ified now

You know what would be exciting? If I ever posted here instead of posting every little thing to the Riot for Austerity forum! At least, it would be exciting for me.

Anyway…I am the proud but slightly guilty-feeling owner of a brand-shiny-new bike. It is an excellent bike — a starter-level mountain bike. I am feeling slightly guilty because it is a very nice bike which does a variety of things which I do not actually need it to do. But on the other hand, it was actually one of the cheapest bikes in the store that wasn’t a kids’ bike. And it will last a very long time, and does do all the things I need it to. The only thing I wish it did was be more friendly towards having a basket installed in front, but I can put storage many other places on the bike, and they really just don’t sell bikes anymore without the handlebar brakes, which is what gets in the way of a basket. I could have one if I really wanted to, but it might be not so great for the breaks in the long term, and according to the guy at the bike shop, just wouldn’t make for as stable a ride as rear-mounted storage.

I believe the guy in the bike shop about the storage, even if I suspect he’s talked me into getting a more expensive bike than I need. They do all their own labor and assembly, and I get a year’s worth of free tuneups and a lifetime guarantee of the bike’s frame (unless it gets hit by a car or something drastic like that). They gave me genuinely useful advice, and did technically stick below my stated price limit. I have a helmet, and will go in sometime in the next two months and take advantage of my 60-day discount on accessories and get a lock, bell, and lights. And possibly storage, though I’m going to really try to find that used. Same thing with the bell, though those are fairly inexpensive anyway. The lock and lights are important enough safety features that I would want to be very careful finding them used.

And I have a bike! I will ride it everywhere! I could get on the Charles river path and ride all the way into Cambridge without having to ride in traffic except for the first little chunk before the path! I’ll ride around a bit in the next few days to get my “bike legs” back, and then (assuming I have a lock by that point) maybe take a trip into Cambridge to get more bulk stuff at the co-op. We need more honey.


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