My used gardening books from Amazon arrived! All in pretty much perfect condition, and wrapped in laudably recyclable and minimal packaging, from a used book seller that’s about as close as I could find from Amazon. I now have:

After the Ecstasy, the Laundry — ok, so not much to do with gardening or even sustainability. But I like the book and wanted a copy of my own, and it was available from the same used book seller.

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden — seems like a very very detailed yet concise, practical guide to growing vegetables, including dietary concerns, climate, pest control, soil, and space guidelines. It even has fill-in-your-own charts for garden planning and climate notes, and appendices with other useful books and seed companies.

Four-Season Harvest — lots of excellent information on how to build things like cold frames to create year-round growing season. Written by someone in Maine, so I assume it will work here :-) Much of it involves more construction than I think our landlord would be happy with, but it’s a good reference and we can at least make some little removable coldframe type things.

Food Not Lawns — more of an activist guide than a gardening guide. But it has a great deal of detailed practical information on things like seeds swaps, guerilla gardening, garbage salvaging, protests, volunteering, getting kids involved, and growing things in very small urban spaces.

I think these will all be extremely useful, and they give me some direction for other likely useful additions to my eco-hippy library.


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    Deb G said,

    If you haven’t already you might want to find a copy of Gaia’s Garden by Toby
    Hemenway. I gave me a lot of ideas. I also really like The Gardener’s Table by Richard
    Merrill and Joe Ortiz.

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