More grocery shopping goodness

I went to the Harvest Co-op again yesterday, for more tofu and grains. I bought bulk tofu (though I think I’m going back to the packaged kind after this. The bulk stuff just doesn’t seem to have high enough turnover to stay fresh, and I can check the expiration date on packaged stuff. At least it’s very minimal packaging.), brown rice (organic and from Arkansas! That’s about as close to us as you can get rice!), amaranth, and both refined and unrefined fair trade organic sugar.  I checked the price on bulk olive oil, and to my great surprise the organic extra virgin olive oil is significantly less than the non-organic house brand Trader Joe’s olive oil!  TJs’ comes out to about $6/lb, while the co-op sells it for $4.63/lb.  I need to check where the co-op’s oil is from; I believe TJs’ is Italian.  The organic barley flour, it turns out, is quite local — from Maine. Maybe I’ll see if I can find good recipes using it and then get some. I also picked up some mineral sunscreen. Less Evil Chemicals(TM), and in a recyclable tube.

And I found out that those spiffy cloth produce bags are sold at the co-op! I should drop them a suggestion that they put them closer to the front of the store. They were hanging out looking all unassuming near the giant bags of local barley flour. They’re not exactly exciting-looking, so I bet they get missed by a lot of peopel who don’t know they’re there.


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