More bad news: no more garden

So, when we told the landlord that we wanted to grow a garden, and he okayed everything lower than the hedge, he evidently didn’t tell his landscaping people this. Except for the tiny basil and wildflower sprouts, it’s all been destroyed by a weedwhacker. Next year we will be more emphatic about the fact that we have in fact planted a garden and do not want it eradicated. We will have a plan. And possibly post signs.

Update: Most of the pepper sprouts and at least two of the heirloom basil appear to have survived as well.  So we mostly lost the big basil plant and the rhubarb.  Maybe the rhubarb will spring back?


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  1. 1

    anna banana said,

    plants are remarkably resiliant. i wouldn’t be surprised if your rhubarb came back!

    we had a tomato seedling that was run over by our neighbor’s 2007 mustang gt maybe a month ago. it was stripped down to one stalk with one leaf shooting out of the side of it. now you could never tell!

  2. 2

    Anonymous said,

    Anna — Ben pulled up the rhubarb, unfortunately. We’ll probably get a new one and plant it for next year. At least the basil and peppers seem to be springing back!

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