Bad news! Good news!

Bad news: After removing it, losing it, finding it again, and sending it to New York, it has finally been determined that the right half of my thyroid contains cancer.  It’s very small and very early-stage, and doesn’t seem to have spread, but the other half of my thyroid will need to come out just to be sure.  I will see how non-disposable I can make my hospital stay this time.  For some things, it’s a safety issue and I will not worry, but there really is no need for them to bring me a new plastic cup every time they refill my water pitcher, and I’ll try to avoid asking for food that comes in those little single-serving packages.  And then I’ll rely on the modern industrial medical industry for my metabolism.  Oh, joy.  At least thyroid hormone is something that it’s actually very low-tech to produce if you really need to.  And I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to worry about the medication ending up in the water supply, since they’re really just giving me the thyroid hormone, with which my body presumably does whatever it would do with the stuff my thyroid is currently producing.

And good news: I have a new job!  Starting June 18th, I will be working at the Brandeis University main library as a general library worker and co-supervisor for the student workers.  This will drastically reduce my gas usage, since my job is now a 10-15 minute *walk* away, instead of a 1.5-hour bus ride.  I’ll still commute to classes, but that’s only a couple times a week.  It’ll be train this time instead of bus for one leg of the trip.  I wonder whether trains or busses are more efficient?  I suppose it partly depends on how many people are on them.


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