Shower cutbacks

Showers are really one of my guilty sensual pleasures.  I like the water scalding-hot, and tend to spend far more time than necessary under it.  These showers are now using substantially less energy thanks to our new Niagara low-flow showerhead, but I still take too long showers.

So, starting yesterday, I am taking “navy showers” (wet self, turn off water, soap, turn on water, rinse), and turning the water temperature down slightly.  It’s now warm enough that I’m comfortable, but without the really high temperatures I have no particular desire to linger, and in the summer it’s not uncomfortable to soap up without the hot water running.  My hope is that by the time the weather cools again, I’ll have it ingrained not to keep the water on the whole time and will feel guilty keeping it on when it’s cold.

If it’s been a long day and I really need a hot shower, I will turn the cold down and stand under the scalding water for a few minutes and really appreciate the wonder of a hot shower.  I won’t keep it hot for very long, and I will take luxury showers intentionally, rather than just letting the hot water run down the drain while I’m soaping so that the room doesn’t cool down, which really is inexcusably wasteful.


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